List of frequently asked questions with answers that can help you solve your problems.

1. Why does not warranty cover mechanical damage of display ?

According to defined conditions of the warranty period, if after inspection of the device it is determined that the mechanical damage resulted from dropping the device, crushing, bending, pressing, etc., a particular device cannot be serviced under warranty. In such cases, Mobis will find a solution as well, but they will be treated as out-of-warranty interventions and will be charged at a valid price list for this type of servicing.

2. Which brands do we service?

In the Republic of Serbia, Mobis is an authorized service center for Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Alcatel, LG, ZTE, Wiko, BlackBerry, Meizu, RugGear, Prestigio and Myki. Service interventions that we run on Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Sony… are done only as out of warranty interventions.

3. How can I find the service price for damaged phone?

Prior to receiving the device for service, the user has the opportunity to obtain information on the cost of servicing the device either contacting Mobis call center or sending inquiry via email. In order for the user to get more accurate pricing information, it is very important that he/she describes the breakdown in detail or how it came about. After the diagnostics are done, the user will be contacted and informed about the total cost of the service.

4. Are the original parts installed in the MESC?

All the parts we install are original.

5. How can I pay for services in MESC ?

The repair intervention can be paid electronically via account, cash or payment card.

6. How can I send my device to service ?

You can send the device by any courier to the address of the Mobis Service Center – after the intervention, the device will be returned in the same way. For repairs under warranty, the cost of transportation is covered by the service, while for out-of-warranty repairs, the cost is borne by the owner of the device, ie. sender.

7. How can I know when is the service of my device done completed?

At our official website, you can check the service status of your device at any time quickly and easily, and after the service is completed, you will receive an SMS from us that you can pick up your device.

8. I have returned the device to factory settings and I do not know the Google Account password, can I unlock my device in MESC?

If you cannot unlock the device after the factory reset, send it to us and we will unlock and make it work for you.

9. How to unload the internal memory of the device?

You probably noticed that your phone does not respond on given commands or that the command that you wanted to execute has a delay. Cause of this kind of behavior is lack of working memory. Consequences of a lack of memory is slow working device that responds on commands with some latency. There are even situations where the phone becomes inoperative to the extent that the only solution is to remove the battery and restart the device.

For smooth operation of the phone, all applications that are installed should be transfered to MMC (if the device allows this, because there are some applications that must be installed in the device’s working memory), also delete the „cash“ memory periodically. The phones differ from each other in their hardware so every phone behaves differently.

10. The device does not turn on the screen after the call. What can be a problem?

The proximity sensor is located in almost all smartphones. It is responsible, among other things, for disabling the touchscreen and for turning it off it during a call. It is advisable to keep a touchscreen clean from fingerprints, especially a part of the screen where the proximity sensor is located.(the upper part of the phone, near the front camera and the speakers).

11. How does the MESC check the battery life?

Devices are being tested in real working conditions at factory settings with a diagnostic tool approved by the manufacturer. In cases where the device has not diagnosed irregularities in the form of charging problems, battery capacitance, uncontrolled consumption…after the test, it is necessary to check the settings (WIFI sleep, protected applications…) because, depending on the device’s usage intensity, the batteries can be emptied in a relatively short time period.

12. How to increase the speed of the Internet on the SIM card modem?

The speed may vary due to the poor positioning of the device relative to the strength of the 3G / 4G signal. For best performance, it is necessary to position the device at the point where the 3G / 4G signal is the strongest.

13. There is a message "New sticker acquired" on my device. What could be a problem ?

The above problem can be manifested when the NFC tag or NFC stickers (BusPlus card, payment card, tag protective labels in stores …) are present in the proximity of the device. We advise the user to turn off the NFC option on the device if it is not used.