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Call our call center or contact us via email.

Let us know what is the problem

Do your best to explain to us what is wrong with your device, is it the display, speaker, camera or something else.

We are coming to you

We will come to pick up your device within a few days, fix it and return it to you – for free and in record time.

Need fast service ?

Call our contact center from any place within the Republic of Serbia.
Mobis company will send a courier to your address and they will take over your device. After the servicing intervention, the properly functioning device will be returned to the address your stated when you requested the service. Transportation costs are free for the devices that are under warranty.

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    Order check

    This site allows you to check the status of your device using the number of the work order or the serial number on the device.

      Schedule a service

      Contact us and depending on your schedule, schedule the servicing of your device.