Skilled and certified staff

Mobis company's technicians are attending courses that are specializing in the area we deal with very often, they are improving their skills and expanding their knowledge with special trainings after which they acquire the academic certificates bestowed by the established manufacturers.

Quick and high quality

Our technicians will repair any malfunction on your device as soon as possible, using original spare parts and recommended tools by the manufacturer.

Affordable prices

Cheapest and highest quality service that guarantees compliance with all procedural solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

Data Protenction Guarantee

Mobis company guarantees to all its customers the safety of the devices and the data contained in them during the service procedure, ie. at the time the device is in service.

Quality Guarantee

Mobis company guarantees quality in handling and maintaining of your devices. International process standardizations are the best indicator of the level at which our company and the service we provide are.

Customers satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and experience after troubleshooting are the basic parameters by which we analyze, evaluate and improve our service.