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Do your best to explain to us what is wrong with your device, is it the display, speaker, camera or something else.

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We will come to pick up your device within a few days, fix it and return it to you – for free and in record time.

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Call our contact center from any place within the Republic of Serbia.
Mobis company will send a courier to your address and they will take over your device. After the servicing intervention, the properly functioning device will be returned to the address your stated when you requested the service. Transportation costs are free for the devices that are under warranty.

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    Order check

    This site allows you to check the status of your device using the number of the work order or the serial number on the device.

      Schedule a service

      Contact us and depending on your schedule, schedule the servicing of your device.

      Skilled and certified staff

      Mobis company's technicians are attending courses that are specializing in the area we deal with very often, they are improving their skills and expanding their knowledge with special trainings after which they acquire the academic certificates bestowed by the established manufacturers.

      Quick and high quality

      Our technicians will repair any malfunction on your device as soon as possible, using original spare parts and recommended tools by the manufacturer.

      Affordable prices

      Cheapest and highest quality service that guarantees compliance with all procedural solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

      Data Protenction Guarantee

      Mobis company guarantees to all its customers the safety of the devices and the data contained in them during the service procedure, ie. at the time the device is in service.

      Quality Guarantee

      Mobis company guarantees quality in handling and maintaining of your devices. International process standardizations are the best indicator of the level at which our company and the service we provide are.

      Customers satisfaction

      Customer satisfaction and experience after troubleshooting are the basic parameters by which we analyze, evaluate and improve our service.

      Our Services

      We offer a complete range of mobile phone and tablet repair services, using original spare parts.

      Products in offer

      We offer our customers only the original products at the best prices.

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      Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 117, 11070 Novi Beograd - Srbija011/31 33 314 , 011/31 92 295 , 062/82 62

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